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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Completed a couple of CFD projects to expand my knowledge.

Project 1

A cylindrical chamber filled with air has an opening on one side. The top and bottom of the chamber are heated. I have to model the static pressure, velocity, and temperature at 10 sec.

Project 2

Tested the aerodynamics of different shapes in an air chamber with a velocity inlet on one side and a pressure outlet on the other. Static pressure, velocity, and stream function plots were made for different cases.

Project 3

Simulated the process of a falling water droplet impacting on a flat water surface, in a pure 2-D setting. I have to make the contour plot of volume fraction at 0.15 sec, 0.25 sec, 0.3 sec, and 0.4 sec.

Project 4

A 3-D system with an inclined plate that forms a 40° angle with the ground. At t=0 sec, a droplet of glycerin is placed on the plate and it is shaped like a hemisphere with a radius of 2.5 cm. I have to simulate the intersection  between the plate and the drop with a contour plot of the whole plate and at the axis of symmetry at 0 sec, 0.5 sec, and 1 sec

Project 5

A cylinder has a water inlet from the left side and an outlet on the right side. the water is entering at 0-degree celsius. I have to model the static temperature and velocity at a steady state with the following cases:-

1. With Earth's gravity

2. With Moon's gravity

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